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Multi-hyphenate talent Tora Kim brings energy, passion and the epic experience of a worldly soul to her star-power presence. As an actor and member of the Television Academy, her expressive personality, intelligence and dancer-trained physicality shine in comedic and dramatic roles on television as well as in film and theater. She recently booked a Recurring on a Netflix show (2018) and can also be seen on SyFy's THE MAGICIANS, Amazon's HAND OF GOD, and the feature film DOG EAT DOG with Willem Dafoe and Nicolas Cage.

Meanwhile, her work as an artist and performance artist has been seen in numerous museums and galleries around the world, while her award-winning prose has been published in literary journals. Her skill as a writer and love of storytelling naturally led her to writing, directing and producing several films of her own which have won awards on the festival circuit.

It’s never a dull moment with someone who showed promise early on. Kicking off her artistic career in the early 2000s as a singer/musician in rock and experimental music, Tora Kim recorded and toured internationally, feeding an inspired need to not only see and experience various cultures and places, but to make connections between all people in all countries throughout the course of our shared histories. In addition to her love of travel and storytelling, Tora is a huge food nerd.

"Her energy jumps off the screen.”
Dustin Lance Black, Oscar®-Winning Writer/Director MILK, WHEN WE RISE, BIG LOVE 

"Tora is awesome! I hope to work with her again soon."
Christina Strain Writer - THE MAGICIANS, MARVEL COMICS

"Tora is wonderfully gifted. I've cast her in numerous starring roles... and she never fails to over-deliver. She captures the imagination... I find her work deeply affecting.”
L.M. Wetzork Dramatist Guild Writer/Producer - BLUEPRINT FOR PARADISE, RUBBLE 

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Comedy Reel [2018]

Acting Reel [Drama reel coming soon]

The Magicians [SyFy]

Game Shakers [Nickelodeon]

Constellation 13 Wolves [award-winning short]

Reconnaissance [action clip]


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AKA Tora Brava. From the packed clubs of the New York City underground music scene with her band Xtatika, to performing on stages all over the world, Tora is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician who has worked with artists including Sean Lennon, John Zorn and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She has produced and performed on seven albums of original works influenced by rock, pop, dance, experimental and ritual Korean music for a genre-busting sound. After 9 years of school choir, Tora trained in p'ansori, a traditional style of Korean opera, and brought her voice to Xtatika's first album TONGUE BATH [Tzadik]. The album caught the world's attention with its unconventional sound, driven by ritual Korean percussion and boldly unique vocals. Every album since then also boasts its own trademark sound, ranging from electro-pop, classic indie, to bootie-shaking industrial dance rock. Check out Soundcloud for a sample of tunes.


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